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We value everything you do online!
Collect Peanut Points doing exactly what you do every day while browsing the internet!

How does it work?

1.Earn Peanut Points!
Every action has a value! Earn points for every search, site navigation, friend invited and much more.
2.Convert your Peanut Points!
You can redeem your rewards as soon as you reach 50000p, or keep gathering them! You decide when to convert your Peanuts in Amazon coupons, Crypto or Paypal payments.
3.Invite and earn!
If you invite your friends, as soon as they reach 1000p you immediately earn 5000p
4.Coming soon: Extra Points!
Soon you will be able to earn extra points in many other ways: trying mini-games, by completing surveys and many new activities are about to arrive.
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Collect peanut points
For every search and minute spent using our extension!
You can choose to convert your Peanut Points in Amazon coupons, cash (transfer via PayPal) or cryptos!

Reach at least 1000 Peanut Points to convert your points!

There's no obligations, you can choose whether you want to convert your points in Amazon coupons or just get your money.

Want to speed up
the collection?
You can earn extra Peanut Points playing games, trying extensions and answering surveys, made by our partners!
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